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ASTU to host the 8th public university Sport Festival

ASTU is on the verge of hosting the 8th public university sport festival. In this occasion more than 7000 people will attend from 34 public universities.

In this special event, about 16 sport games competition will be held. In this regard, respective university had done all the necessary physical, mental readiness for the successful completion of the games.

This sport festival has a great role in creating strong partnership among different institutions and highly enhances the exchange of cross culture values.

ASTU has done all the necessary preparation to entertain the guests during their stay in the campus. The construction of the sport complex hits more than 85% and found in a good progress. The sport complex accommodates more than 20, 000 spectators and have various facilities. It has been reported that the sport complex will give service to ASTU community in particular the nearby community in large.

During the opening and closing ceremonies, various high ranked government officials and guests from private companies are invited. The festival will stay 15 consecutive days.