Assit. Prof Mihretu Shanko has delivered a special motivational speech at Adama Science & Technology University. The session was organized for first-year students. The managing council also attended the session. The theme of the session was, “The road of visionaries”. Mr. Mihretu used this theme effectively to inspire the students to plan their career development. He encouraged the students to plan about excelling at higher levels than being preoccupied with routine obstacles that they face. He underscored that challenges are meant to strengthen, but not to derail mankind.
Mr. Mihretu, a well versed energetic motivator, made a lively presentation filled with perfectly fitting anecdotes. The audiences were lost for words of appreciation for the presenter and the manner of presentation. The audience applauded the presenter many times. Those who attended the session have suggested that ASTU shall keep up organizing more inspirational sessions for all its community.
Well done!!


Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU) is one of the two public universities designated as Science and Technology University. The university, ASTU is under the Minister of Science and Technology (MoST), and aggressively working on the development of science, technology and innovation throughout the country. ASTU is research oriented Science and Technology University which is working on demand driven, need based and problem solving researches which solve the challenges and gaps of the manufacturing industries in particular and the society at large. ASTU is alsodedicated to innovative knowledge through quality education and applied research by searching, adopting and innovating appropriate and up-to-date technologies to our local industriesandisworking to attain its vision and mission through research, quality education, transfer of appropriate and the state of the art technologies andneed based community services.
To achieve its vision and mission ASTU established its organizational structure so that it can easily address the challenges and problems of the society. Technology Transfer and Community Service office is one of the offices under the Office of vice president for Research and Technology Transfer established to undertake technology transfer and community service issues. The office is mainly working on searching, adopting, innovating and transferring of appropriate and up-to-date technologies and research oriented need based community services which solves the problems and challenges of the industries and the community.


Toplay a great role in enhancing socio-economic well-being of the society, as the foremost centre of technology transfer and community service, andrenown in the region and nation wise in 2025.


To systematize and support the dissemination, adoption and commercialization of appropriate and up-to-date technologies within the marketplace that can meet and even exceed the needs of the society.
To organize and support the community through research oriented services and capacity building in different forms to sustain the regional and national development.

Core Values

  • Originality and innovativeness
  • Academic freedom and integrity
  • Sense of belongingness and ownership
  • Nurturing diversity
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Professional ethics
  • Responsiveness


The main objectives of the office of Technology Transfer and Community Service are selecting, adopting, innovating and transferring up-to-date and appropriate technologies and providing research oriented and need based community services.

Main Activities

  • Create conducive environment for ASTUcommunitiesto participate in technology transfer and community service agendas,
  • Acquire and offer information for effective utilization of research results and project outputs,
  • Evaluate patentable ideas and assess their economic values,
  • Facilitate the growth, development, and successful transfer of new technologies to the industries and communities,
  • Engaging the community in searching, adopting and innovating up-to-date and appropriate technologies,
  • Disseminate to the community the principles and research outputs that solves the challenges and problems of  the industries and communities,
  • Encourage regional, national and international collaboration and foster community service, 
  • Identifying thematic areas for the community service agendas and technology transfer and giving them priorities


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The 3rd International Research Symposium of ASTU has successfully conducted on the team of "Emerging Technologies and Energy for Sustainable Development" from May 9-11, 2019



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