Assit. Prof Mihretu Shanko has delivered a special motivational speech at Adama Science & Technology University. The session was organized for first-year students. The managing council also attended the session. The theme of the session was, “The road of visionaries”. Mr. Mihretu used this theme effectively to inspire the students to plan their career development. He encouraged the students to plan about excelling at higher levels than being preoccupied with routine obstacles that they face. He underscored that challenges are meant to strengthen, but not to derail mankind.
Mr. Mihretu, a well versed energetic motivator, made a lively presentation filled with perfectly fitting anecdotes. The audiences were lost for words of appreciation for the presenter and the manner of presentation. The audience applauded the presenter many times. Those who attended the session have suggested that ASTU shall keep up organizing more inspirational sessions for all its community.
Well done!!


ASTU PPAD strives to manage public money and property effectively and efficiently by providing transparent, punctual and appropriate service for the customers so that goods and public money can be procured and utilized economically, fairly, and administered properly.


Procurement and Property Administration Directorate is committed to Purchasing the right goods and services from the right source with the right quantity and quality at the right time and delivering to the right place and to administer the property of the university as per Public Procurement and Property Administration rules and regulations.

 Services Provided by PPAD

  • Preparing Annual Procurement Plan for Academic, Administration and Research and Technology Transfer programs by compiling procurement requests from end users and submitting for final endorsement by Procurement Endorsing Committee.
  • Ensuring if Annual Procurement Plans are prepared in accordance with the budget sealing of the University and making the necessary adjustment.
  • Managing Procurement as per Public Procurement Agency’s rules and regulations.
  • Compilation of user’s technical specification request /Bill of Quantity and Preparation of Standard Bidding Documents for Goods, Services and Works to be procured with for National Competitive Bid, for International Competitive Bid, for Restricted Competitive Bid and for Direct Procurement from single source supplier.
  • Preparation of Bid Invitation for Goods, Services and Works to be procured
  • Preparing Request for Quotation for Urgent Purchases and approving payments for quotation purchase.
  • Opening, Evaluating and Providing Awards for goods, services and works for all types of bids, administering the necessary documents and transferring bid documents to Finance and Budget Directorate for Payment.
  • Forming Ad-hoc committees, ensuring technical evaluation has been conducted by technical persons/end users and submitting bids to Procurement Endorsing Committee for Bid Endorsement.
  • Conducting Marketing Research for Goods, Services and Works and Updating Suppliers List for local/Adama Town/ suppliers.
  • Handling Complaints as per Public Procurement rules and regulations and the University’s Procurement and Property Administration complaint handling procedure.
  • Preparation of Contractual Agreement for Goods, Service and Works.
  • Administering Contractual Agreement for Goods, Services and Works.
  • Ensuring the righteousness of goods through Inspection Committee before the issuance of Good Receiving Voucher (Model 19).
  • Issuance of Good Receiving Voucher for the purchased goods. For Consumable and Fixed Assets/goods.
  • Coding Fixed Goods /Assets.
  • Distributing consumable goods
  • Conducting Annual Inventory for goods.

 The above mentioned service is rendered for customers who may request:

  • Through Mail
  • Through Letter
  • Through Telephone or
  • You can contact us by appearing in person during office hours 

Contact PPAD:
Office Email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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