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Welcome to Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU), the university located in a Great Rift Valley 100 kms away from the capital. ASTU is a university that has undergone multiple transformations aiming to be a world class science and technology university. Our objectives are to become a center of excellence by highly focusing on science and technology programs, to nurture elite workforce to produce forefront leaders for industries and universities in Ethiopia, to develop core and essential technologies for the country through excellence in research, to closely work with industries to expedite productivity and to enhance development of industrial technologies, and to be responsible for cultivating far-sighted science and technology to maintain a continuous, sustainable development of the country through innovative research.[/col] [col class="span4"]

We will make a significant contribution to the country by producing high caliber manpower and outstanding research outcomes which are necessary for and relevant to the nation’s requirements to develop internationally competitive science & technology. ASTU has planned to have different admission criteria for its students. The university will apply “the survival of the fittest” principle for both students and academic staff members. Concrete plan of academic staff upgrade and incentive for students are some of the key approaches that we are going to apply in our endeavor to become a world class university. Producing responsible, ethical, competent, visionary and confident graduate in our day- to- day activity is our major brands. Our graduates must solve problems that many industries face during accomplishing their tasks.The university has both undergraduate and post graduate programs focusing on science and engineering.[/col]

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The university has research facilities, ICT center, digital libraries, and income generating enterprise. There are many national and international linkages and collaborations on the areas of education community service and research. Its proximity to the capital city Addis Ababa and its conducive work environment has greatly helped the university to attract many partners. Our motto is “We are dedicated to innovative knowledge”. It is our belief that this university can speed up the development of this country as planned in the national GTP. You are very much welcome to explore our website and learn more about our  university.
Dr. Lemi Guta Enyadane

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