Office of Academic Staff Affairs

The Office, in coordination with the academic departments, involves in duties and activities which foster the realization of the University’s mission. In addition, the office makes frequent communication with the schools, as well as the Provost, Financial Administration, Purchasing and Property Administration, Human Resources, Registrar, The Dean for Academic Staff Affairs shall be Accountable to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


The Office of Academic Staff Affairs executes the following activities:

  • Follows up the recruitmentof academic staff, in accordance with the rulers and regulation of the university;
  • Supervises, controls and directs the academic staff human resource management (HRM) unit personnel to ensure the proper handling of the academic staff files and data;
  • Coordinates and monitors short-term and long-term trainings which are prepared for the academic staff members in-house or outside the university;
  • Handles scholarship matters of the academic staff in accordance with the existing staff development guideline;
  • Advices and supports the Director General for Academic Affairs on matters of academic staff affairs of the university;
  • Check and Facilitate monthly salary payment of academic staffs, overloads, part time and other extra load payments;
  • Arrange academic staff members’ promotion cases;
  • Facilitates new full-time and part time academic staff appointments for the schools and divisions;
  • Prepares administrative reviews and manages records on candidates eligible for review or leave;
  • coordinates appointments made to foreign national faculty ensuring compliance with government and visa requirements;
  • Serves as administrative liaison in Academic Staff Affairs Office and organizes appeals and grievance process;
  • Prepares projection plan for the recruitment of academic staff in rank based on the demands of the schools and divisions.
  • Coordinates induction activities for the newly employed academic staff members.


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