The Office of Student Admission and Registration is the academic service unit of the University responsible for all operational matters pertaining to student admission, registration, campus life, setting academic calendar, scheduling of academic issues, keeping academic records, graduation, preparation of attestations and official graduation documents. Our Office also provides information and services to students, academic and administration staff, University Officials and the community in general.

The Office  administers, documents and archives at all phases and steps associated with study applications, enrolment, issue of students identification badges, placement in dormitories, internships, enrolment termination, student statistics, general student's guidance and provides advisory services for students.

  • prepare the academic calendar of the University;
  • ensure the University’s directives and guidelines (student admission, registration, graduation, etc.), check if educational curricula (courses, credit requirements, etc.) are equitably, uniformly and consistently interpreted and implemented;
  • maintain up-to-date records and documents on all academic matters pertaining to students and academic programs of the University;
  • create and maintain up-to-date, confidential and permanent records of all students, including course drop-outs, academic dismissals, withdrawals, and compile alumni of undergraduate and graduate program students of the University;
  • create and maintain up-to-date and accurate information on student admissions, placement, registration, and academic performance, and attrition, and compile graduates documents by level of instruction and delivery mode (regular, extension, summer in-service);
  • hire, supervise and evaluates the data encoding and registration staff;
  • organize and administer the graduation functions, including transcript evaluations, certification process so that the Office can provide maximum services to students in ensuring efficient and effective workflow;
  • responsible for collecting, recording, maintaining and reporting of student records within the prepared guidelines such as grades, registration data, transcripts, mid-term verification;
  • develop and administer the Office budget;
  • Work on resolution of student disputes related to academic records and registration;
  • collaborate with administrators, school deans, and advisors and assistants to facilitate and improve services to students, including catalogue and registration/records policy queries;
  • provide back-up for recording and registration services, including registering students, issuing transcripts, answering phones, scanning, reporting grades and working special events.


ASTU planned to apply the principle of "selection and concentration" which is the policy of student admissions. Realizing ASTU aims to produce graduates elite in science and technology, our Office should give admission to "selected few" students who are talented in science and technology. Recruitment of high calibre students both to the undergraduate and postgraduate programs is one the major activities.

It is highly desirable to admit students who are talented in science and technology. This will warrant satisfaction of students of their majors. The satisfaction will in turn lead to strong enthusiasm and lasting perseverance which are necessary conditions for the success of quality teaching and learning, research and community services of the University.

Campus Life

University life offers much different transition for students; whether it is a transition as a freshman student, transition to new major, transition to life away from home. ASTU will assist students in any challenges that affect their academic progress. The process begins with the first year orientation program which is designed and administers by the Office of Student Admission and Registration and provide students with the resources and support that help them make their University stay successful.

Prepare to Join ASTU

Potential high school students who scored high mark in grade 12th national examination will be invited for selection and recruitment as soon as national exam result is released. Student’s selection and recruitment will be made on academic merit basis so that competent students who passed the screening exam will be considered as high caliber students of the future scientist.

 Selection Criteria

The selection criteria will be ASTU entrance exam and 12th grade National Examination Result. ASTU entrance examination result will account 60% and 12th grade National Examination result will account 40%.



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