The Current SoEEC

The current School of Electrical Engineering and Computing is established following, the renaming of the Adama Science and Technology University by the Council of Ministers in May 2011 and shifting of the university from Ministry of Education (MoE) to Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) to work towards the attainment to become the best Centre of Excellencies in Science and Technology in Ethiopia. Thereby, allowing for the realization of goal has set in the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP).
Currently, School of Electrical Engineering and Computing has three programs under it:

1.    Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Program
2.    Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) program
3.    Electrical Power and Control Engineering (EPCE) program

As of 2017, there are about 1939 students attending their education in undergraduate and postgraduate level both in regular and extension programs. Moreover, in SoEEC there are 115 on duty and 38 on study leave academic staff perusing their MSc/PhD in Germany, Italy, South Korea, China & India in various specializations. These Academic staffs are engaged in teaching-learning process, research works community service, technology transfer activities and different university level and national level projects that focus on Science & Technology.

Vision of SoEEC
•    To produce a world-class competent electrical engineers and computing professionals who are equipped with necessary skills and knowledge to solve individuals and organizational problems of the country and bring about growth to the whole world.
•    To excel in teaching, research, and industry linkage/consultancy at a national level as well as regionally in the field of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

Mission of SoEEC
•    To its students, the SoEEC provides world-class curricula that facilitate student-centered and research-oriented learning in Electrical Engineering and Computing field that are relevant to their lives and careers, valuable in terms of content and competencies, and connected to the needs of industry.
•    To industry, the SoEEC produces practitioner-oriented electrical engineers with the field of specialization in Electrical power, control, communication, Electronics, software, computer science and information system who can provide plausible scientific solutions to real world problems. The SoEEC actively partners with industries to provide students the opportunity to acquire practical skills from industry expertise.

Objectives of SoEEC
General Objectives
-    To direct and assist students in the acquisition of fundamental principles of Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering & Electrical Power and Control Engineering.
-    To stimulate and encourage students to have sound practical knowledge of the fields, through project work and evaluation.

Specific Objectives
-    To Design different problem-solving principles and techniques in the area of Electrical engineering and computing.
-    To Understand and apply high-level tools and emerging Technologies.
-    To Apply various systems’ theory and principles to real world problems.
-    To Develop communication skills to effectively interact with customers, supervisors and peers, both orally and in writing
-    To Learn to work effectively in teams to achieve a common goal
-    To Develop skills to monitor, supervise, manage projects and handle conflict
-    To Understand ethical expectations of a computing professional

Program and Its Description

Computer Science and Engineering, CSE

Electronics and Communication Engineering, ECE

Electrical Power and Control Engineering, EPCE

 Contact SoEEC
Dereje Ragasa (MSc)
Dean, for School of Electrical Engineering & Computing
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tele: +251- 22-111-00-25 / 73 (Office)
School of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Building 504
Office No: 10

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