Design your own curriculum

ASTU offers a new system in that you are allowed to design your own currculum to fit your interest.

Graduate with an honors degree

Your outstanding academic performance will be recognized through "Honors degree"

Be innovative through Capstone Design Project

You will be involved in a project a capstone which requires innovative thinking and orginal approach.

Become scientists & technologists of the future

ASTU works exclusively on science and technology fields benchmarking top science and technology university such KAIST to produce the future scientists and technologists.

Be a member of transformation

The Ethiopian Government has re-established ASTU as a model Science and Technology University. Be an active member!

Ride on the fast-track for advanced degree

Combine your BSc and MSc together to earn both degrees in a shorter time. ASTU offers a unique road for it!

Enrich your knowledge through e-learning

You will be electronically connected through digital libraries, internet connection, electronic books, etc.

Earn dual-major degrees

Earn "dual-major degree", a degree in two different areas. ASTU provides a unique way for it! 




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