Every center of excellence is a capacity building that has a set of clearly and concisely defined guiding principles that will provide its direction and attention to achieve its objective. Accordingly, the Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Center of Excellence is one of the Centers of Excellence identified by the former (MoST) Ministry of Science and Technology to be established in Adama Science and Technology University. The AMSE-CoE is established with the aim of creating a close collaboration between the academia and industries in the fields of Materials Science and Engineering. This center of excellence will engage in research and development activities in the broad areas encompassing individual developments or integration of advanced materials based on materials modification, materials synthesis, materials characterization and innovative methodologies of application.

Objective of center of the center of excellence

The Advanced Materials Science and engineering center of excellence is established to fulfill the objectives listed below:

  • Facilitate industry academia linkage and collaboration;
  • Encourage collaboration with national and international research centers;
  • Carry out advanced interdisciplinary research in the field of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering;
  • Promote the Advanced Materials Science through provision of advanced technology with aligned university initiative in advanced materials Science and Engineering;
  • Initiate a systematic approach to stimulate intellectual exchange and technology transfer;
  • Promote the integration of research and education, and develop effective outreach activities that are consistent with the center’s size, leverage participant expertise and interest, and address local and national needs;
  • Conduct outreach programmes through workshops and training to disseminate knowledge in interdisciplinary areas, and
  • Develop interdisciplinary teams to define and solve the real world problems in the field of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering.

Vision of center of excellence

To become a leading research center in area of advanced materials developing fundamental understanding and enabling advanced technologies for innovative research for the developments of green materials and technology solutions. It also aims to bridge the gap between industries and university working with and attracting industrial collaboration through provision of advanced technology support and developing services related to advanced Materials.

Mission of center of excellence

To enhance and support interdisciplinary research on advanced materials by conducting applied research projects, and provide knowledge and experience that meet the needs of industry and society. The center will work on cutting-edge and novel fundamental problems related to materials synthesis, characterization and modification and deliver innovative materials technology solutions.


Contact Address 
Fekadu Gochole (PhD), Director of Advanced Materials Science and engineering center of excellence
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +251-988-681-740


June 2023

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