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  • 13 Jan 2016
    International Seminar on Higher Education in Korea; Creation and Evolution of KAIST…
  • 14 Jan 2016
    International Symposium: Applied Natural Science and the Future
  • 03 Dec 2015
    28th International AIDS Day Anniversary. “We realize our country’s Renaissance through protecting…

University History

ASTU-NEW horizon

ASTU has been re-established as a model Science and Technology University under Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST). The new ASTU has been destined to play the leading role in climbing up the technology development ladder for the country, concentrate on science and technology fields, and intensively work on innovation, research and technology transfer. ASTU works hard to be the pride of Ethiopia in science and technology.

As per the GTP plan of the nation ASTU benchmarks top science and technology Universities such as KAIST in the republic of Korea. ASTU recuits highly qulified instructors both from local and international Universities offering attractive and special remuneration packages. ASTU is assigned to produce the future scientists and engineers of the country.    

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