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Supervisory Board Composition and Duties

As per the revised Higher Education Proclamation No. 650/2009 the Board shall be composed of seven voting members, including the chairperson. The Minister of Education has selected and appointed the board's chairperson and three additional voting members to the Board. Adama Science and Technology president, in consultation with the university council and the senate, had nominated three other voting members of the Board and they have been appointed by the Minister of Education.

The Supervisory Board advices and focuses in strategic affairs of ASTU. It approves objectives, development and implementation strategies of ASTU, corporate reorganization, budget estimates and progress reports.

ASTU's President is a consultative member of the Supervisory Board without voting right.

The Supervisory Board will propose to the Ministry candidates for the posts of President and Vice Presidents. It appreciates the suggestion of the Academic Senate, however it is not bound to the Senate's proposal. The President candidate may be selected from inside or outside of ASTU; the Vice President candidates from inside of ASTU.

The Supervisory Board approves policies of the Managing Council regarding staff employment, staff development and promotion and staff rewarding. It approves introduction of new curricula and termination of existing curricula and it approves nominations of the Academic Senate for appointments to a professorship.